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A Dubious Distinction. A 1st Place rank no one wants -And one that causes so much heartbreak

Forest wildfire

1st Place : Drowning has just taken over first place as THE leading cause of death for kids ages 1 - 4 (not just the leading cause of accidental death).

50% more fatalities from drowning than from motor vehicle accidents! More than motor vehicles, fires, falls and poisoning fatalities combined!

2nd & 3rd Place: Sadly, drowning has also remained in 2nd and 3rd spot for leading cause of accidental death for kids ages 5-14 and teens respectively.

And for every fatal drowning, another 8 children go to the Emergency Room. Of those 40% are admitted (compared to a 3% admission rate for other ER visits.) Many of those kids have life-long debilitating injuries.

But there is another #1...

Drowning is also #1 most preventable accidental injury.

Using the five layers of protection can - and does - prevent drowning. To learn how to prevent drowning, go to our website

SWIM ON is blanketing the St. Louis region with radio spots, appearing at events and making presentations this summer to raise awareness about these alarming statistics.

Help us spread the word.

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