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SWIM ON Foundation First-Ever Fundraising Event

SWIM ON Foundation had its first-ever fundraising event on November 19. And it was a huge success!

A Trivia Night with 350 people in attendance that raised a total of over $70,000!

Heartfelt thanks to all who helped to make the evening so much fun and worked to have it come off so flawlessly. In particular thanks to Caley and Jack Lawlor, the Co-Chairs, and their friends and family. Also to Annie Benninger, whose organization helped make it all run smoothly.

And we are more grateful than we can say to all those who supported the evening so generously.

SWIM ON Foundation announced that evening a new effort “The Annie Initiative” in honor of Caley and Jack Lawlor’s two-year-old daughter Annie. Annie had a close call in August when she was found unresponsive at the bottom of a pool. Thankfully, because of CPR, Annie returned home after two days in the hospital, completely recovered. The Annie Initiative will focus on CPR. Wallet sized “Drowning CPR” cards have been printed and are available.

In addition, SWIM ON Foundation will provide CPR resources and information and will promote CPR training for both adults and teens with classes as well as with CPR parties where family and friends can gather at someone’s house and receive CPR instruction.

The evening started with a video. It is a moving and heartwarming video that describes what SWIM ON Foundation does - and why.

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